Assembly of European Horticultural Regions

Position statements

Evaluation of the EU agricultural promotion policy

July 2020. AREFLH contribution to the public consultation on the evaluation of the EU agricultural promotion policy

Find below, in short, the 12 recommendations we proposed. The details can be found in the pdf below.

1. Maintaining a dedicate financial envelope for the promotion of the consumption of fruits and vegetables (F&V) in the internal market

2. Defining a better balance in budget lines between internal market and third countries

3. Allow applicants to submit one project for countries belonging to different budget lines

4. Establishing specific sub-categories dedicated to each of the different quality schemes

5. Ensuring market accessibility for F&V products in extra-EU markets

6. Maintaining support to address SPS barriers in third countries

7. Differentiating fresh and processed (including preparations) fruit and vegetables budget allocation and data analysis

8. Simplifying the participation procedures for promotion programmes and implementing a more streamlined bureaucratic process

9. Better recognition of the added value brought by transnational consortiums in multi programmes

10.Review the concept of result indicators 11. Allow greater flexibility in the indication of national origin alongside the "Enjoy it's Europe" logo

12. Review the list of products eligible for promotion

Read the details for each recommendation

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