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logo cutesolar programmeAREFLH is a partner of the project CuTe-Solar “Cultivating the Taste of European in Solar Greenhouses”, an EU-financed promotion program.

It brings together a consortium made up of the Association of Producer Organizations of Fruit and Vegetables of Andalusia (APROA-Spain), the Spanish Fruit and Vegetables Interbranch Association (HORTIESPAÑA).  


The project is a three-year promotional, information and educational programme. 

  • Kick off : 01/01/2020
  • End : 31/12/2022. 



It aims to raise awareness of the specific characteristics of EU fruit and vegetables (solar greenhouse) and the characteristics of EU fruit and vegetables (quality, taste, safety, sustainability) in the EU internal market.

The information provided to users and consumers is based on true and verifiable data and is presented in an educational and accessible way. 

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CuTE-Solar has a comprehensive programme strategy (dynamic, intelligent and close to the public) and a digital-first approach that includes a website, social media channels, digital advertising, public awareness events and media relations (press events). 

To inform consumers of the advantages and benefits of consuming fruit and vegetables produced in European solar greenhouses, as well as to inform them about the contributions this production method makes in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability. 


The geographical zone and audience

The actions will be carried out in three EU countries: Spain, Germany and Belgium and will mainly consist of a digital content dissemination strategy. 

The target audience in the campaign is aimed at: parents of young families (18-44 years old); children (6-12 years old) and opinion leaders, in particular journalists and writers in the food sector. 


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