Assembly of European Horticultural Regions


EUROCASTANEA is the European chestnut network. It brings together the chestnut producer organisations of 5 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria.


Each year Eurocastanea organises the European Chestnut Days in a producer country. This year it was in France, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in early october.

As part of the European Days, a webinar will also take place on 21 and 22 october 2021.  See the website for more information.


In 2019, the network published the Chestnut White Paper, a compendium of chestnut production figures in Europe and the world. It also highlights trade figures (imports and exports). The White Paper is also a demonstration by the 5 countries of their initiative to enhance the value of chestnuts and boost production. Read more.


In December 2019 thirty representatives of the EUROCASTANEA network presented the assets of the European chestnut sector to the European Parliament. Read more.




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