Assembly of European Horticultural Regions

Simona Caselli

The President : 

Mrs Simona Caselli

Ex-Regional minister (assessore) for the Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing at Emilia Romagna Region, Italy


jean louis moulonThe Vice-President:

and president of the Producers' College

M. Jean-Louis Moulon

 President of IDfel Val de Loire, France


Adminstrative Board : 

Elected on the general assembly of March 2019

  •  The President, Simona Caselli
  •  The Vice-president, Jean-Louis Moulon


     Administrators from the Region's College : 

  • Basilicate, Rocco Vittorio Restaino
  • Bretagne, Olivier Allain
  • Catalunya, Carmel Modol
  • Flander, Guy Lambrechts
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Jean-Pierre Raynaud


     Administrators from the Producers' College 

  • Afrucat, Manel Simon
  • APFeL Sud-Ouest, François Lafitte
  • Assomela, Giulia Montanaro
  • FINAF, Lisa Martini
  • VBT, Luc Vanoirbeek


The Bureau 

  • President : Simona Caselli,
  • Vice-President : Jean-Louis Moulon,
  • Treasurer : Carmel Modol (Catalonia, Spain)
  • Secrétaire : Deborah Martens (Flandre, Belgium)

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