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Lowinfood : results of the 1st year

The project which demonstrates innovative solutions for home and industry foodwaste has reached its first year. 

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The LOWINFOOD project on reducing food waste has completed its first year since its launch. During this first year, the consortium has laid the foundations that will serve to turn LOWINFOOD into the ambitious project it was conceived to be.


The project has reached some of its essential milestones for its forthcoming activity:

  • The indicators and questionnaires for the evaluation and demonstration of the innovations have been established.
  • The demonstration phase is ready to begin.
  • Close relationship has been created with projects with similar objectives.


AREFLH is a partner of the LOWINFOOD project, is focuses on “Multi-actor design of low-waste food value chains through the demonstration on innovative solutions to reduce food loss and waste”.


The project supports the reduction of food loss and wastes in the European Union by demonstrating innovative solutions following a multi-actor approach that involves actors along the entire value chain. The main objective of the project is to co-design, together with actors of the food chain, low-waste value chains by supporting the demonstration of a portfolio of innovations in the fruits & vegetables, bakery products and fish value chains, as well as in a-home and out-of-home consumption.

The following innovation are being tested and improved in the project :

  • A software to manage withdraws of fruit & vegetables and donating them to charities
  • A cooperation system between farmers and food service sector
  • A B2B digital market place for reducing food losses in the vegetables food industry
  • A Sales-forecasting software for supermarkets, allowing a better management of orders


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 For more information about the project, please visit the following media :


drapeau ue seulThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No.101000439

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