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Solar greenhouses claim the quality and safety of their crops at the gates of the European Parliament

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AREFLH presents the study of “Agroecological transition pathways in arable farming”, extracted from the website of the CONSOLE programme.

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Learn about Smart agriculture for innovative vegetable crop protection and about the 163 techniques have been selected  by the SmartProtect consortium during the benchmarking phases of the project.

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10th January 2022

The LOWINFOOD project has recently started the demonstration phase in the bakery sector. Bakery is one of the 3 sectors aimed at by the project, with the fruit & vegetable and fish sectors.


Bakeries in 3 countries implemented social innovations and discussed hotspots of bread losses and related actions. The first-round table with 12 selected bakeries was located in the province of Viterbo (Italy). The discussion was firstly focused on the activities that they already put in practice to measure and avoid bread losses. They came to the conclusion that without a methodological approach to measure bread losses it is impossible to quantify the surplus in the production and to find new solutions to tackle this problem.


A team of the University of Tuscia (Italy) has prepared a diary, to take note of relevant data such as the daily production of bread, the price and the destination of the surplus bread. The measurement will start from February 2022 and will last 6 months.


AREFLH is a partner of the LOWINFOOD project, is focuses on “Multi-actor design of low-waste food value chains through the demonstration on innovative solutions to reduce food loss and waste”. LOWINFOOD supports the reduction of food loss and wastes in the European Union by demonstrating innovative solutions following a multi-actor approach that involves actors along the entire value chain. AREFLH, this month would like to inform you about the demonstration phase of the bakery sector.


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drapeau ue seulThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No.101000439

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