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Influencers discover solar greenhouses in Spain

Spanish and German Influencers traveled to Almeria and Granada to learn about the cultivation of solar greenhouses

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 AREFLH is a partner in the EU Promotion programme CuteSolar.


Almeria, 10 November 2022 - A group of ten Spanish and German influencers, leading figures in the fields of gastronomy, nutrition, sport and healthy lifestyles in both countries, have travelled to the provinces of Almeria and Granada to get to know in depth the reality of growing crops in solar greenhouses.  
The aim of this action, which is part of the promotional programme "Cute Solar, growing the taste of Europe in solar greenhouses", is for these opinion leaders to transmit to their audience on social networks the good work of this sector and its commitment to quality, food safety, sustainability and respect for the environment. And the objective was achieved. The influencers have come away with an excellent opinion of the agriculture practised in solar greenhouses, an impression that they have been transmitting to their followers through their profiles on social networks, with which they have an impact on an audience of close to one and a half million people.  
The influencers have spent two intense days visiting various farms and cooperatives where they got to know in depth the sustainability of the production methods and the work of a sector that seeks excellence in its products and its wayof cultivating, which is why the solar greenhouses of south-eastern Spain have become a world reference.  deux ronds legumes header
As could not be otherwise, these Instagramers have also been able to taste the incredible flavour of the fruit and vegetables grown in these greenhouses, and all the opinion leaders who have come on this trip promote the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle, and several of them even inspire their audience with healthy recipes based on fruit and vegetables.   
The familiarization trip was attended by Spanish influencers: @marioortiznutricion; @travelthelife and @comebowls, profiles managed by Nadia Gámez; @javicubo; @unpedacitodecielo, promoted by Cristina Ramírez and @earthlytaste, created by Consuelo Morcillo.  From Germany, the influencers, @caromareike, @therawberry, @ivona.dadic and @nohi.loves.eli took parts. 


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