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INNOBREED : « sélection et usages innovants de fruits biologiques »

L'AREFLH est partie prenante d'InnOBreed un projet favorisant la sélection de cultures biologiques et améliorant les performances du secteur fruitier.

Depuis 2022 and jusqu'en 2024,  InnOBreed évalue, met en œuvre et regroupe des solutions innovantes (SI) pour promouvoir l'industrie fruitière biologique par le développement et le déploiement de cultivars appropriés.


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Article created on 07/11/2023


AREFLH is a stakeholder of InnOBreed, a project focussing on “innovative organic fruit breeding and uses”.  

Its main objective is to identify specific fruit cultivars and/or selection – that is evaluation processes that are better suited for organic production cultivars compared to the ones that are currently used, and that meet organic farming requirements, by:  

  • Breeding with new organic approaches;  
  • Evaluating local genetic resources, (pre-) breeding material and cultivars; and  
  • Introducing these varieties through the organic fruit supply chain.  


The project is composed of 21 organizations, including universities, research institutes, technological centres, breeders and producers’ associations, from 10 different EU Member States. InnOBreedis is a four-year project and will evaluate, implement and aggregate Innovative Solutions (IS) to promote the organic fruit industry by the development and deployment of suitable cultivars. The project’s emphasis is given to social innovations, new ideotypes and new methods for screening resilient cultivars and genitors with larger genetic bases for fostering organic fruit breeding, and to their application for the improvement of the whole Organic Fruit Chain. 


The Innovative Solutions will be targeted and developed on participative, multi-actor and multi-trait-based approaches and then applied for evaluating underutilized Fruit Tree Genetic Resources (FTGR), pre-breeding and advanced material. With the aim of supporting the activities of the project, as well as testing and validating the Innovative Solutions identified, 12 case studies have been selected representing different regions and species. 


InnOBreed is dedicated to fruit perennial species including citrus, grape, pome fruits (apple, pear), and stone fruits (peach, almond, apricot, Japanese plum, European plum, cherries) with a focus on apple and prunus species.  

A collaborative research project funded by Horizon Europe, with the aim to foster organic crops breeding and improve the performance of the fruit sector, by enhancing Innovative Organic fruit Breeding and uses. 


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