Assembly of European Horticultural Regions

couverture OCM ENG 72pxOn September 5, 2017 the AREFLH presented to the European Parliament the White Paper of the CMO for fruit and vegetables. This event was a success. It brought together more than 80 participants, including 12 MEPs, representatives of the European Commission, regional governments and professional organizations.

Based on the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the sector, this document highlights the key role and the positive impact of the CMO since its creation in 1997, as an original and always innovative tool that places POs and AOPs in the center of the system.

All the speakers at this event stressed the importance and effectiveness of the CMO for the development of the fruit and vegetable sector and the need to confirm it in the future CAP, by strengthening the crisis management instruments, by promoting producer gatherings in POs and APOs and developing investment in research and innovation.

This event also enabled industry stakeholders to share their experiences and to show how the CMO has been a vector of progress for producers and their organizations.


READ THE WHITE PAPER in Englishitalianoespañol, français.


Have a look at the powerpoint presentations from the meeting in the EU Parliament

Philippe Appeltants, VBT, Flandres, Belgium

Guy Lambrechts, Flandres, Belgium

Ricardo Domínguez, Andalusia, Spaing

Gonçalo Santos Andrade, Lusomorango, Portugal

Pascal Pineau, Pom’evasion, France

Presentations by Marco Cestaro from the Emilia Romagna Region, Karine Oswald-Poulet from IDfel, Jacques Dasque from AREFLH


Visit the photo gallery of the event.

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