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AREFLH and Freshfel Europe examine key challenges ahead for the European F&V sector. Caselli 2

AREFLH and Freshfel Europe held their online Joint 2020 Annual Event on the 29 September 2020, examining key challenges ahead for the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector amid this unprecedented period. The Joint 2020 Annual Event focused on the pertinent theme ‘The Road Ahead – A Sector Fit for Future Challenges’. Speakers from the European Commission, the European Parliament and specialist market analysis discussed the EU’s policy priorities and the current changing market conditions affecting the sector in the short and long term. 

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Simona Caselli and Jean Louis Moulon both re-elected President and Vice-president of AREFLH

moulon caselli 1 500pxOn the 27th of March 2019, the annual meeting of AREFLH, the association of European fruit and vegetable regions and producers, was held in Bordeaux, at the headquarters of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. This year's meeting, coinciding with the end of the mandate of the Regional Minister of the Emilia Romagna Region, which began in 2016, had the objective of renewing all mandates, from the Presidency to the Board of Directors, for a new three-year term.

The outgoing president Simona Caselli was unanimously reconfirmed as the head of the association. She will be assisted by Jean-Louis Moulon, President of the Producers' Council, also reconfirmed, and by an Administrative Board composed of representatives of the regions and associations of producer organisations.

The meeting provided an opportunity to review the mandate of President Simona Caselli. "I am very happy to be able to renew my mandate at the head of AREFLH. This means that the work accomplished has been appreciated by both the Regions and producers - said the regional minister.

"During these three years, we have achieved the objectives we set ourselves at the beginning of the mandate: The social and geographical base of the association has been broadened, with the entry of 8 APOs and 5 new regions, the latest being the Lazio region; we have renewed the organisational structure, with a new secretariat and the opening of an office in Brussels, to bring us closer to the European institutions; we have encouraged research in this sector by establishing networks at European level with initiatives and conferences and by participating in projects that have obtained significant funding under the European Research Programme Horizon 2020; we have worked on the promotion and awareness of fruit and vegetable consumption with specific publicatiVue densemble AG produc 500pxons presented at the main fruit and vegetable fairs in Europe; but above all we have strengthened our role as the European Commission's privileged interlocutor, achieving results that we could never have achieved alone, as regions or as APOs - she continued.”


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The general assembly was followed in the afternoo by a public conference on "The European fruit and vegetable sector in the post-2020 CAP reform: how to respond to environmental, climate and food issues? "

We were honored to have, as speakers Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Regional minister in charge of agriculture for Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Rudolf Moegele (photo), Deputy Director General at DG AGRI, Olivier Allain, Regional minister in charge of agriculture for the Bretagne region, Simona Caselli, Regional minister in charge of agriculture for Emilie-Romagne and president of the AREFLH, Enrica Onorati, Regional minister in charge of agriculture for Latium, in Italy (photo)

All the presentations from the General assembly and the confence:

Simona Caselli, « End of term report 2016-2019, what did we acheive? »


Andrea Tivoli, Europe officer in Brussels : « Quelques regions membres 500pxActions in Brussels and European projects : what results in 2018? »



Pauline Panegos, General Secretary  «AREFLH key figures and the 2019 membership yearbook »

Read the MEMBERSHIOP YEARBOOK, in English only.


A message from MEP Eric Andrieu (COMAGRI) : watch the video


Sabine Brun-Rageul, Deputy regional director of "Défis agro-écologiques et Alimentation en Nouvelle-AquitaineAgri-ecological challenges and Food in New Aquitaine

Onorati lazio 500px


François Lafitte, President d’APFeL Sud-Ouest "Les fruits et légumes : les laissés pour compte de tout, y compris des politiques publiques", The Fruits and vegetables: neglected from all, even from public policies"


Elisabeth Dirlewanger, Directrice de recherches à l’INRA, «Les arbres fruitiers face au changementLes arbres fruitiers face au changementclimatique : exemple du cerisier», Fruit trees facing climate change: example of cherry tree












20180328 121050 1000 px OK 

27 And 28 March, Brussels

Read the press release

The 2017 activity report

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The presentations

Presentation of the 2017 activity report and the 2018 work programme, by Jean-Louis Moulon, Vice-President and Pauline Panegos, Secretary General

20180327 162837 OKThe research project on producer organisations, by Angelo Zago (University of Verona)

Presentation of the new member regions

The consequences of the Brexit on the European fruit and vegetable sector, by Guy Lambrechts  (Flanders Region)

Mutualisation funds (in italian), by Ibrahim Saadeh, Gruppo VI.VA (Italy)

The Women's Association for Fruits and Vegetables (in italian), by Giulia Montanaro (Assomela, Italy)




Read the activity report in françaisespañolitaliano

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Conference “CAP mid-term review and post-2020 perspectives”

Opening of the conference by Stefano Bonaccini, President of Emilia-Romagna region and Simona Caselli, Agriculture assessor of Emilia-Romagna region and President of AREFLH.

Interventions : M. Raimondo Serra, European Commission, DG AGRI, M. Paolo de Castro, Vice-President the European Parliament, COMAGRI; M. Leornardo di Gioia, Coordinator of the Agriculture Commisson of the Italian State-Regions conference and Felice Assenza from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture

The 2016 Activity Report by Jacques Dasque, outgoing General Secretary.

Presentation of the 2017-2018 activities by Jean-Louis Moulon, President of the Producers’ College.

Special focus on a selection of AREFLH Regions  : Emilia-Romagna (IT), Basilicata (IT) 

Presentation by Jose Garcia Alvarez Coque, Director of the Group of International Economy and Development: "20 years of the fruit and vegetable CMO, a tool for the development of the European sector"



2016 General Assembly

20160622 153245 500px

It took place on 22nd June 2016 in Brussels

Read the Activity Report for 2015 : françaisanglaisespagnolitalien

Quick presentation du of the Activity Report, in French

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2015 General Assembly 


Read the activity report in Frenchin English, in Spanish or in Italian

The powerpoint presentations shown during the General Assembly :


2014 General Assembly

AG 2015

This year it is the Region Catalonia which welcomed our general assembly.

The powerpoint presentations :


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