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Simona Caselli discusses reshaping agri-food systems

The President of the AREFLH participated in a round table on the theme "Reshaping agri-food systems to build back better", organised in the framework of the G20 and Think 20.


On 29 June 2021, on the occasion of the G20 Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministerial Meeting in Matera (Italy), the Future Food Institute, in collaboration with Think 20, the World Food Forum and the Women's General Assembly, hosted the Food For Earth conference at the University of Basilicata.

The initiative aimed to accelerate the ecological transition of global agri-food systems by empowering and connecting change-makers, scientists, innovators, industries, society at large and policy-makers.


Simona Caselli participated in the session on "Reshaping agri-food systems to build back better", moderated by Sara Roversi from the Future Food Institute. During the round table, Ms Caselli was accompagnied by Gianni Galaverna, University of Parma, World Food Forum, Maurizio Martina, Deputy Director General of the FAO, Michele Perniola, President of the Italian Society of Agronomy, Sonia Massari, Director of the Future Food Academy and Mark Brand, A Better Life Foundation.


On the occasion of this session, Simona Caselli underlined that the great revolution will be to elaborate eco-schemes for the next programming period and for each region, eco-schemes that will be added as additional resources to the basic CAP payments, which will be activated in favour of agricultural companies that implement voluntary schemes for the climate and for the environment.


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