Assembly of European Regions producing Fruit, Vegetable and Plants

The Assembly of European Regions producing Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants is an association created in 2000 on the initiative of a group of Spanish, French and Italian regions.

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It represents the voice of the fruit, vegetable and horticultural regions and their producer organisations in Europe.

The specificity and strength of AREFLH lies in its original structure, as it is composed of two Colleges: the College of Regions and the College of Producers. The complementarity of these two colleges allows a collective work and the definition of common positions between regions and representatives of producers.


Our founding principles


"Tomorrow’s  Europe is a Europe of Regions"

This was the vision of Guy Saint-Martin, founder of AREFLH. Its initial objective was to fully participate in a federative Europe of Regions through the creation of a specific network for fruits, vegetables and horticulture.

"AREFLH is a place of exchange where we put aside what divides us and where we focus on what brings us together"

According to Guy Saint-Martin, AREFLH must be a forum of dialogue and a gathering between representatives of the two colleges (political and professional) in order to defend and effectively promote the sector.


Our objectives


The purpose of AREFLH is to represent and defend the economic and social interests of regions and producers in the European institutions.

It is a platform for exchanging experiences and good practices, in order to foster partnerships and joint actions between regions and professional organisations. Through the European policies of the fruit and vegetables CMO, promotion, research & innovation and territorial development, AREFLH aims to actively support regional productions and economies.

Our strategy


In order to achieve its objectives, AREFLH relies on networks of experts from regions and professional organisations. They pool their skills and experience in committees and working groups to carry out actions on three main themes.

The priority themes :

  • The CAP and the Fruit & Vegetables CMO. Both are essential for the technical and economic progress of the European fruit and vegetables production which is facing world trade competition (9.2% of the value of the production of producer organizations is invested each year under the CMO).
  • Research & Innovation. Both must meet the needs of producers, and help promote an environmental-friendly agriculture.
  • F&V Promotion and healthy-eating education. They are essential to fight the decline of the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe.

Do not miss our general assembly

It will take place on 28th March in Brussels

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