Market and Distribution

The AREFLH's Market and Distribution Commission

Why a Market and Distribution Commission?

The fruits and vegetables producers are more than every other directly dependent on the daily balance between supply and demand, in a market subjected to the pressure of all the competitions.

To understand the mechanisms of the market, the strengths in presence, to plan and anticipate the cyclical crises and to implement the measures of regulation of the supply and the stimulation of the demand, are in the heart of the missions entrusted to the producers' organizations and the fruit and vegetables common market organization .

In this purpose, and to facilitate the dialogue between the producing regions, the AREFLH created a Market and Distribution Commission, led by Afrucat.
It gathers regularly producers' organizations to make together a common and a projected analysis of the market.

Creation of a production and market observatory

The fruit and vegetables productions are regularly confronted with cyclical and structural market crises. The reformed F&V CMO set up a device of preventive crises management.

But in order to try to prevent these crises, it is indispensable to gather, in real time, the information on the evolution of the production, the market, the prices and the internal and outside competition.

That is why, the AREFLH Market and Distribution Commission set up a production and market observatory since 2006, for the peach and the nectarine, then for the pear, the plum, the strawberry, the raspberry and the asparagus.

It collaborates, to reach it, with the various organizations FRESHFEL, PROGNOSFRUIT, INTERPERA, EUROPECH, EUROASPERGES...