Fruit and Vegetable CMO

Crisis Management

The context

On August 3rd, 2010

Our production area is regularly confronted with situations of economic and sometimes structural crises.

These crises are often due to various quantitative and qualitative climatic factors, but still initiating adaptive and modernization capacity of farms, causing discouragement and abandonment of many of them.

For many products, international competition is fierce and with unequal weapons.
The retail distribution, very powerful, has a permanent pressure on producer prices.

Therefore preventive management tools should be favored to quickly find a balance between supply and demand.

In a single European market without safety net, susceptible to external competition, we need substantial multinationals answers.

Also, we have proposed the establishment of a mechanism for crisis management, to create a threshold price and financed by a multi-year special fund and involving the production areas the most affected.

These proposals have been very timidly followed by the Commission. Yet they are essential for the future of our productions

Proposal of the AREFLH's Producers College

On October 28th, 2009The Producers College developed its reflection on the improvements necessary for the device of crisis management, from the reasons analysis of the crisis suffered by peaches and nectarines in 2009.

This proposal was discussed by the most concerned organizations (CSO, Catalonia Qualitat, AOP Pêches de France) on September 9th, then by the Board of directors of the AREFLH on October 7th, 2009.

pdf Proposal

Intervention with the European Commission

AREFLH required the creation of a European Parliament-EU Commission-Professional organizations Commission in order to, as that exists for the milk, study structural measures of crisis management.

pdf Letter transmitted to the euro-deputies on December 7th.

pdf letter transmitted to M. Tomas Garcia Azcarate from the European Commission.

Mrs Fischer Boel's pdf answer.

M. Paolo De Castro's jpg answer.

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