Pays de Loire


Fruit, vegetables and plants in Pays de Loire

The Loire Regions, located in the middle of the Loire Valley, are a large zone of fruit and vegetables production thanks to the fertility of the soil, its situation and the know-how of the producers.

Production of Fruits

The growing of tree fruit on is one of the great forces of the Loire Regions which devote 9,000 ha to it. Among its specialities: production of apples and pears.

The Maine-et-Loire produces almost 2/3 of the regional production of apples and is placed at the 1st national rank. An apple or a pear on 5 in France is produced in the Loire Regions! The region provides more than 7% of the French fruit production, all fruit species included.

The 400 organic ha of fruits cultivated in the Loire Region in 2008 place the region at the 8th national rank : in particular apples, pears and small fruits (strawberries, raspberries…). Fruit surfaces progress: they were multiplied by 2 between 2001 and 2008. These fruits can also be transformed into fruit juice, jams, preserves…


Production of Vegetables

Fresh vegetables (carrots, leeks, cucumbers, tomatoes, radish…) and the potatoes occupy more than 15,000 ha in the region and constitute 10% of the national production.

The region is particularly distinguished with the Nantes corn salad and the white bean from the Vendée which both hold a PGI.

The organic vegetables represent a surface of almost 900 ha in the Loire Region. The region takes the 3rd national place. Surfaces quickly progress in order to answer an always increasing demand from the consumers.



Presentation of the horticultural sector of the region.

"Les pays de Loire, toute une horti culture": (in French) figures of production, surfaces, distribution of the trade by product, main problems, distribution chain, etc


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