World Pear Congress

 • 2013 Edition in Argentina, Rio Negro- 5th-7th June

In 2013the  Interpera Congress took place in Argentina, in the Rio Negro, in Patagonia. See all the presentations :

Day 1:

Innovation and organization, by Mr. Garcia Azcarate.pdf (Spanish)

Competitiveness and Mechanization by Mr. Magdalena.pdf (Spanish)

Argentina, Ian Crouch RSA.pdf (in English)

Mechanization in Europe, by Mr. Marangoni.pdf (in Italian)

Mechanization in the United States by Mr. Robinson.pdf (in English)

Post cosechaen Argentina, Calvo and Aragon.pdf (Spanish)


Day 2:

Cambios in los precios relativos Thefs.pdf (Spanish)

Cooperación in the cadena of valor De Castro.pdf (Spanish)

Factores of competitividad in the logistica Gum Paz there Liatis.pdf (Spanish)

Factors which limit competitiveness by Mr. Lowette.pdf (English)

Gran Distribucion Supermercados Brasil Ruggiero.pdf (Spanish)

Mapa de Competitividad Exportacion - De Pablo Valenciano.pdf (Spanish)

The USA Market by Mr. Moffitt.pdf, the USA Pears (English)

Mercado Rusia - Collia Galeano there Stuart.pdf (Spanish)

Nuevo modelo of negocio frutícola Giacinti.pdf (Spanish)

The success of the reefer container and its potential to influence the logistics chain by Mr. Oetcker.pdf (English)


Day 3:

AFRUCAT Pear Production forecast 2013.pdf (Spanish)

Pears in Europa: Organizzazione e competitività AREFLH Trentini.pdf (Italian)

Organización y Competitividad - ASOEX Costabal Claro.pdf (Spanish)

ADEFHCU Uruguay, Falchi Gualco.pdf (Spanish)

AFRUCAT Competitividad.pdf(Spanish)

ANNP France - Vincent Guerin.pdf (French)

ANP, Pera Rocha: acciones para mejorar the competitividad there the rentabilidad, Armando Torres.pdf (Spanish)

ASOEX - Competitividad of the industria of will pera Chilena Costabal Claro.pdf (Spanish)

ASPEFF Argentina, Mendoza - Aruani.pdf (Spanish)

CAFI Argentina, Pear production in Alto Valle - Martin.pdf (Spanish)

CSO Italia, el proyecto “organismo Interprofesional pera” - Trentini.pdf (Spanish)

FedeFruta Chile -Visiòn resumida de acciones y polìticas necesarias para mejorar la competitividad y rentabilidad del productor de peras, Larrain.pdf (Spanish)

HORTGRO Sudafrica, Competitiveness of Pear Production - Du Preez.pdf (English)

USPEARS, USA, by K. Moffitt.pdf (English)

VBT Belgium - Appeltans.pdf (English)

Factores of competitividad, Jacques Dasque (AREFLH) .pdf (Spanish)

For more information, consult the site: (will find audio versions of the conferences, photos, etc)


• 2012 Edition in Lleida - 14th and 15th juin, 2012


 A new impulse for the European pear

The international congress of the Pear which took place this year in Lérida, Spain, is finished on June 15th, after having welcomed 150 participants, coming from the most important pear production zones in Europe, and even beyond, since representatives of Argentina and South Africa were present.

This fifth meeting, co-organized by AREFLH and AFRUCAT was the occasion to focus on the technical topics of this very particular production, but also to share solutions to create new openings to this market that has been weakened these last few years.

Indeed, the general fall of the fruit consumption in Europe, as the fragility of the fruit and the fact that its consumption is not always practical reduce the competitiveness of the production. It is thus important to develop strategic plans of promotion both in Europe and on new markets, to boost the sector on all levels and to ensure a profitable income the producers.

The exchanges between the professionals made it possible to highlight keys for the evolution from the sector. The increase in export to new markets like South America and the United States is an opportunity which was developed, as well as the differentiation by an increase in the quality of the fruit and, lastly, by added-value of the fourth range products, i.e. ready to eat.

As Mr. Trentini, Vice-president of the AREFLH, pointed out, this year the campaign is once again likely to be difficult for the producers because of a deficit of production, but INTERPERA showed that the good terms of the various producing countries and the completing aspect between their various pear varieties can ease competition on the market.

Next year, the congress will widen even more its horizons since it will take place in Argentina, whose production is with the 4th world rank after China, the United States and Italy.

The presentations

The website :


• 2011 Edition in Aix en Provence -

This 'th edition was co-organized by the French Apple-Pear Asssociation of France, the AREFLH and the La Pugère experimental center, was held in Aix en Provence on June 9th and 10th, 2011.

INTERPERA is the meeting place of the producers of pears, the researchers, the technicians and the commercial operators in Europe.

This edition was dedicated:

- to the variety creation, the engine of the innovation
- to the eco-sustainable orchard
- tothe preservation of the quality after harvest
- to the request of the consumers with a particular focus of summer harvest of pears 2011

See the presentations of the speakers:

pdf La lutte contre le psylle du poirier - P. BORIOLI, GRCeta de Basse Durance
pdf Le verger éco responsablle pour répondre aux attttenttes sociétales actuelles - P. BORIOLI, GRCeta de Basse Durance
pdf Production durable et sécurité alimentaire (en italien) - Marco CESTARO, regione Emilia Romagna
pdf Conservation et affinage -  Sébastien LUROL, CTIFL
pdf Estemfiliosis de la poire - Père VILARDELL, IRTA
pdf Evoluzione della difesa alla carpocapsa . Massimo FORNACIARI, CECAC
pdf Le verger éco-compatible - Charles DE SCHAETZEN, Pcfruit.
pdf Introduction pour l’innovation variétale . Jean Michel MONTAGNON, CA 13, La Pugère
pdf Prévisions du marché - Elisenda R. CASALS PELIGRI, Afrucat
pdf Variety innovation in Belgium - Jeff VERCAMMEN, PC fruit
pdf Qualità sensoriale e giudizio dei consumatori - Luca MARI, CSO
pdf A great step forward in pears processing , luca MONTANARI, UNITEC S.p.A.

• 2010 Edition in Ferrara on May 27th, 28th -

The 3rd edition of INTERPERA took place in Ferrara on May 27th and 28th, 2010. It gathered 190 representatives from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina et South Africa.
Pear production in Europe is over 2,500,000 tons of fruit with marked specificities for each major producing country and a great European variety, the Conference.

A range of tastes, a range of colors: Italy (800.000T) with Abate Fetel, Spain (450.000T) with the Conference, Belgium (280.000T) and Holland (300.000T) specialized in the Conference and Portugal (180.000T) known for its pear Rocha.

While the fruit is excellent, consumption decreases because it is a product of specialist in store.

Innovation varieties, pests and diseases, the development of orchard and consumer trends are all subjects of debate and analysis covering the International Congress INTERPERA.

To consult the presentations
pdf Pear production costs in Europe - Alessandra CASTELLINI, Università di Bologna
pdf Pear purchase and consumption trends in Europe - Elisa MACCHI, CSO 
pdf Offer projections in the short and middle terms in Europe and Worlwide - Elisa MACCHI, CSO  
pdf Vision southern Hemisphere - Miguel GIACINTI, Gabinete MAG
pdf Vision Inited States - Miguel GIACINTI, Gabinete MAG
pdf La produccion de pera en Europa - Manel SIMON,Catalonia Qualitat

• 2009 Edition 2009 in Sint-Truiden on May 28th, 29th

The second edition of the world pear congress, INTERPERA, took place in Sint-Truiden, the heart of Belgium's pear producing region.
pdf Press release

To consult the presentations
pdf La produccion de pera en Europa - Manel SIMON, Catalonia Qualitat  
pdf Lastenboek geintegreerde pitfruitproductie in Belgie - Annie DEMEYERE, Landbouw
pdf Fruit-en perenproducitie in Belgie - Philippe APPELTANS - VBT
pdf Pear processing market in the EU - Marcin KWASOWSKI - DG AGRI
pdf Relation du producteur à l'industrie transformatrice - Luciano TRENTINI- CSO
pdf Italian pear processing industry - Antonio CASANA - AIIPA
pdf Marché de la transformation de poires en Argentine - Miguel Angel GIACINTI, Cabinet MAG
pdf North american pear production - Chris ZANOBINI, California Pear Advisory Board
pdf Pear distribution in Europe - Philippe BINARD, FRESHFEL
pdf Plant protection products - Felix MITTERMAYER, DG Sanco
pdf Extra MRL-eisen - Prof. Walter STEURBAUT - Universiteit Gent
pdf Residues, Approach in the USA - Chris ZANOBINI
pdf Problématique des résidus, Approche en Argentine - Miguel Angel GiIACINTI
pdf Resistance management strategies for sustainable control of pests and deseases in pear orchards -  Piet CREEMERS, PCFRUIT   
pdf Le projet de l'AREFLH pour une réglementation européenne sur la production intégrée - Marco CESTARO, Région Emilia Romagna
pdf The Greenery and PLUS retail partners op gebied van peren - M. WIT, PLUS
pdf Discours de M. Luca Artioli - Apoconerpo