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Conference on the priorities of the research on F&L

Brussels, 23rd january 2018

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Strategic Agenda

Since 2014, AREFLH, EUFRIN, EUVRIN, and FRESHFEL EUROPE have closely collaborated as a Task Force to identify priorities and to voice the interest of the fruit and vegetables sector in the Horizon 2020 initiative, the European Union Research and Innovation Policy.

The Task Force released a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, which identifies the priorities of the entire sector, for the annual work programme of the European Commission. Members of the Task Force are now also engaged in several research and innovation projects, in particular under the “Societal Challenges focused on Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry”.

February 2016 :
Kick-off meeting of Euvrin, the European Vegetable Research Institute Network

Mrs. Inge Van Oost from the DG Agri took part in this meeting, she presented the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) “Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability- Demand driven innovation under H2020 : Multi-actor topics and Thematic networks”.

November 2015 :
Meeting of the research centres for the pear
Presentation of the centres :

CRPV, Italy

Edmund Mach Foundation Transfer Technology Centre San Michele a/A, Italy

INRA, France

La moriniere, France

La Pugère, France

PC Fruit, Belgium

Université de Wageningen, Netherlands


January 2014:

European day of the Research and the Innovation of the Fruits & Vegetables

The presentations of the event of 22nd January 2014 are below
This meeting established a dialogue with the European Commission on the new research and innovation policy in the area of agriculture. It will also gathered the latest insights from the fruit & vegetable research from different innovation and research centres in Europe.
 Opening by Mr. Pelegri i Aixut, President of AREFLH and Agriculture minister of Catalonia : English, Spanish

 Presentations of the situations of some of Europe’s research centres in the frame of their regional research policies : the priorities, the means, the financing.

Catalonia(Spain) : IRTA and region representative, Mr. Vila

Emilia-Romagna (Italy) : CRPV, Mr. Reggidori

Flanders (Belgium) : Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt and region representative, Mrs Lapage

Łódź (Poland) : Inhort

LowerSaxony(Germany) :Fruit Research Institute Esteburg and  region representative

Bretagne(France) : CATÉ and region representative, Mrs Trarieux

Centre(France) :La Morinière and region representative, Mrs Lejars

Fruit Positioning by Eufrin : « The role of the European fruit sector in Europe 2030» by Luca Corelli Grappadelli

 Vegetable PositioningPar Alice Abjean-Uguen du Cerafel

 M. Francis Kint d'Univeg / Freshfel "Research & Innovation in the fresh produce supply chain"

 Presentation of  AREFLH (organiser)

European Commission : The new framework programme of research and innovation by the European Commission.

Perspective from the European Parliament, Mrs. McIntyre

Mrs Inge Van Oost (DGAgri) : The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) „Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability“ Moving Innovation in Agriculture Ahead !

M. Hans Georg Lutzeyer (DG Reseach) : Horizon 2020

Strategic positioning of the vegetable sector in terms of research and experimentation in Europe
This presentation is based on a summary of responses from experimental stations in different regions to the survey conducted at the initiative of AREFLH

 Conclusion of the event : Synthesis, proposals and 'task force'


Guide on the European Research and Innovation Programmes for Fruit & Vegetable

Read the guidecouverture guide

Why did AREFLH create this guide?

We are at the beginning of a new research and innovation framework programme for the period 2014-2020.

A new policy and new priorities for Europe:

  • Promote food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry research and the bioeconomy
  • Boost Europe’s knowledge-driven economy and tackle issues that will make a difference in people issues

The Europe 2020 strategy aims a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth.

In order take up the challenges of consumption, competitiveness and the environment, the co-operation between all the actors of the sector at regional, national and European levels, is more than essential.

The European programmes encourage this co-operation for more synergies, more effectiveness. They are an important component for the financing of the research and innovation centres.

The purpose of this guide is to give the necessary information to choose programmes, to find the projects that will suit your organization and that will be carried by the researchers groups, not only at the request of the production but also of the whole sector to the consumers .

A directory of the centres of research and innovation of the members regions of AREFLH is going to be soon available. It will facilitate the access of the centres to the European networks as Eufrin, Medex…

Please bear in mind that this guide is not exhaustive, other programmes exist.

This document will be regularly updated (with new programmes added) and you will always find its latest version on our website in the Research and Innovation section


Directory of the fruit & vegetable research centres from the member regions of the AREFLH

THE AREFLH plays an important role for the fruit and vegetables sector and the horticulture in Europe. Our assembly is indeed the interlocutor of the Head office of the Agriculture of the European Union.

During the meeting of October 20th, 2010 in Brussels, we undertook, with the cooperation of networks EUFRIN and MEDEX, to set up a platform of research and innovation, which collects the priorities of the network from the producer up to the consumer.

The success of this ambitious project passes by the synergy of the devices of basic and applied research. It is with this aim that we publish this directory of the centres of experimentation of the regions members in the AREFLH.

This document already gathers a majority of centres, and we deeply wish that the others can join us to strengthen the dynamics of innovation of this sector.

The 30 research centres are the following ones :

Belgium : Pc Fruit
France: Acpel, Aprel, Arelpal,Bretagne Plant, Cate, Cefel, Cehm, Centrex, Ch Agri Côte D'or, Ch Agri Morbihan, Interbio, Invenio, La Moriniere, La Pugere, La Tapy, Planete Legumes, Secl, Sehbs, Serfel, Sileban
Italy: Alsia, Iasma, Creso, Crpv
Spain: Cita, Ifapa Churriana, Irta, Itga, Ivia

See the directory 


The European Innovation Partnership (EIP)

„Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability“

Moving Innovation in Agriculture Ahead !

Bioeconomy Stakeholders' Conference, Dublin, 14th February 2013

Inge Van Oost, DG Agriculture and Rural Development