The AREFLH’s Purpose

Defending the sector through dialogue

Within the General Assembly, the Board of directors and the Board, the representatives of both the Region and Producer's colleges express, discuss their proposals and define strategies of defense and promotion in the interests of the sector.
A continuous and constructive dialogue was developed with the European Union Commission and the Parliament on the important projects: the fruit and vegetable CMO reform, crisis management, consumption promotion, defending quality and origin indications, community preference...

An approach based on 3 main objectives

To represent, defend and promote the common interests of the Fruit, Vegetables and Horticulture producing Regions in European and world economy as well as part of the expanded European Union.

To organize and lead the dialogue and the cooperation between Regions, to develop synergies, to instigate the setting of actions and joint programs in order to consolidate and develop the fruit, vegetable and horticultural regional activity.

To reinforce, with the support of the Europe Regions Assembly (AER), the representation of these Regions in European and world Institutions, and to facilitate their participation in the construction of Europe as well as the decision-making processes.

The actions set up

• Negotiation with the EU Agriculture General Directorate of the fruit and vegetables CMO Reform starting from the analysis of its application in the Member Regions . A memorandum of improvement proposals was established to increase its attractiveness and its operational effectiveness, so as to make the economic organization progress in a significant way, and to improve the competitiveness of the sector.

Further to the disastrous marketing campaigns of 2004 and 2005, propsals were made for a management of the cyclical and structural crises.
A permanent dialogue was established with the Agriculture Direction, fruit and vegetables section of the European Union.

• Discussions and negotiations with DG TRADE and SANCO about the negotiations of the WTO and the sanitary barriers.

• Discussion with the European Union Commission on the application of the CAP and the Rural Development in the fruit and vegetable sector.

• Research for European financing and elaboration of common research and experimentation programs in the fields of the quality fruits and vegetables production, the environment-friendly methods of culture, the water management and for the improvement of the working and safety conditions.
Current projects on the ecological and chemical alternatives in the Bromide of Methyl.

• Implementation of a communication program toward the European consumers on the benefit of fruit and vegetables from the health and fitness point of view (Mediterranean diet) and the valorization of the quality signs.
This project was approved within the framework of the INTERREG III C initiative.
From an inventory of the regional strategies of communication and promotion, implemented programs, their financing and the associated professional partners, a detailed reflection is led to find new axes of communication.

• Participation to the fruit and vegetables Intergroup of the European Parliament with which a permanent dialogue is brought out on the great stakes of the sector confronted with a worldwide market.

• Creation of a European and international observatory on the tariff and non-tariff multilateral negotiations within the framework of World Trade Organization (WTO) and on the European and national policies for economic and social regulations.

• Creation of a prices observatory at the production departure for peaches and nectarines.

• Development of dialogues and exchanges with the EU new members. (Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republic).

• Participation of AREFLH in the international Organizations (OECD, UNO, FAO...).

• Animation of a reflection about research for a better complementarity between various areas productions.

• Exchanges and dialogues on the steps, the schedules of conditions and regional and national standards as regards to the fruit and vegetables integrated production.