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White Paper on the F&V CMO

Sept 2017

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Exceptional measures for peaches and nectarines

August 2017
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AREFLH’s general assembly: top-level speakers for a new impulse towards the future

March 2017

AREFLH held its General Assembly in Italy on March 23rd and 24th in Bologna, seat of its president, Mrs. Simona Caselli, Agriculture Councilor of Emilia-Romagna.
With a conference on "the CAP, mid-term review and post-2020 perspectives", AREFLH was honored to host high-level speakers for the two-day gathering of regions and AOP/OP producing fruit and vegetables in Europe. Indeed, AREFLH welcomed the President of Emilia-Romagna, Mr Bonaccini, Mr Paolo de Castro, Vice-President of COMAGRI, Mr Raimondo Serra, DG AGRI, Mr Leornardo di Gioia, Coordinator of the Agriculture Commission of the Italian State-Regions Conference, and Mr Felice Assenza, representant of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies.
At the request of the president, the conference was preceded by the presentation of AREFLH to the Agricultural Policy Commission who gathers the councilors of agriculture of the Italian regions.

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AREFLH Associations of Producers Organisations reaffirm their commitment to the Fruit and Vegetable CMO

December 2016

The Associations of Producers’ Organizations of the AREFLH met during a seminar organized in Brussels on the 5th and 6th of December 2016. Invited by Mr. Jean Louis MOULON, President of the AREFLH Producers' College, more than 20 representatives of APO members debated the main challenges the European fruit and vegetable sector is currently facing:

  • The need to strengthen the producers’ organizations to counterbalance the supremacy of organized retail;
  • Falling consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe and the need to develop strong promotion and communication campaigns;
  • The competitiveness challenge, in order to compete with third country competition and technical and technological innovation

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EUFRUIT : the thematic network that eases access to research knowledge for the fruit

November 2016

EUFRUIT thematic network met in Leuven on 9th November 2016 for its first General Assembly. After less than 6 months of operation, a dedicated knowledge platform was already launched by the project to facilitate access to research and innovation knowledge available across Europe for fruit sector. EUFRUIT is a multi-layered project under Horizon 2020 to unleash, stimulate and use European research potential for exploiting new opportunities in the fresh produce category.

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The AREFLH requests to the European Commission a change in the level of commitment for the Integrated Production 

On 6th September 2016,  Mrs. Simona Caselli, president of AREFLH,  led a delegation to  meet the Agriculture Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels.

The objective of this meeting was to convince the representatives of the Commission to amend the interpretative note of March 2016 for the fruit and vegetables CMO, regarding the commitment to integrated production. Indeed, this note included a commitment by the producers and parcel by parcel.

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A new executive team for the AREFLH

June 2016

The AREFLH, Assembly of the European Regions Producing Fruit and Vegetables, held its General Assembly on June 22nd in Brussels.Mrs. Simona Caselli, Councillor of Agriculture for the region Emilia-Romagna was elected President of the AREFLH.She succeeds to Mrs. Serret I Aleu, Councillor of Agriculture for the region Catalonia.

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Creation of a European Innovation Partnership (EIP)for fruit and vegetables

22/10/12. The research and innovation commission of the AREFLH has just decided to create a European Innovation Partnership (EIP) for fruit and vegetables. In association with Freshfel, the AREFLH will be leader of the project which will group research, experimentation and transfer centres, and organizations representing the sector for production and trade.

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The AREFLH highlights the best fruit and vegetable promotional measures in 26 European regions

15/10/12. Food education at schools and public information programmes on the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables can change people’s ways of thinking as well as creating a positive image of fruit and vegetables among the young and even younger generation. Yet, despite their beneficial and important health values, the consumption of the famous “5 a day” is only reluctantly being adopted by families.

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Melon working group meeting at Macfrut

4/10/12. The AREFLH melon working group met in Cesena on 27th September as part of the Fruit and Vegetables Macfrut Fair in Italy.

The delegates from the main producing regions in Europe met to draw up a review of the marketing year which is about to finish. Castilla Mancha, Emilia-Romagna, the south and the mid-west of France are the most important areas of production.

This marketing year (2012) has been very uneven, where it was good in Spain after 3 disastrous years, difficult in Italy and catastrophic in France during the 2nd part of the season.

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Crisis management: presentation of the mutual fund system to the European Commission.

23/7/12. AREFLH, APFeLSO, CSO and the Flanders region met the Commission of the European Union, on July 18th, to explore the possibilities of setting a mutual fund. The second issue highlighted was prevention and crisis management within the framework of the CMO and the 1st pillar of the CAP.

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Interpera, a new impulse for the pear.

19/6/12. Press release after the closing of the 5th International pear Congres in Lérida.

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3rd European meeting of sweet chestnut

5/6/12. This year it is France which welcomes the sweet chestnut producers, September 20th and 21st in Bergerac.

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Interfel, en coopération avec l'AREFLH, organise la tournée du Fraîch'Bar

Du 7 mars au 10 avril 2011, le fraîch’bar sillonne la France à la rencontre de près de 26 000 collégiens et lycéens.  A la récré ou au déjeuner, smoothies, fruits et légumes à la croque leur seront proposés afin qu’ils fassent le plein de vitamines !

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Dans le cadre d’un programme européen, cofinancé par la Direction Générale Agriculture et Développement rural de la Commission Européenne, Interfel met en place différentes actions de sensibilisation visant à informer les jeunes européens sur la Politique agricole commune (PAC), ses enjeux et ses perspectives d’évolution. Ce programme se déroule de septembre 2010 à avril 2011.

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INTERFEL interpelle les étudiants!

De mars à avril 2011, en partenariat avec l'AREFLH et le CNOUS, Interfel lance pour la première fois une campagne à destination des étudiants.
Plus de 300 restaurants universitaires participeront à cette opération qui met en avant les fruits et légumes de manière « décalée » afin d’interpeller les étudiants sur l’intérêt de consommer ces produits quotidiennement.
Cofinancée par la Direction Générale Agriculture et Développement rural de la Commission Européenne dans le cadre d’un programme européen, cette action sera également l’occasion de rappeler l’origine de la Politique Agricole Commune et ses enjeux.

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Plus de 5000 enfants sensibilisés aux fruits et légumes frais

Du mois de septembre au mois de décembre 2010, Interfel a organisé la 4ème édition de la rentrée fraîch’attitude afin de rappeler aux consommateurs toute la diversité des fruits et légumes de saison. Pour cette édition, la rentrée fraîch’attitude s’adresse plus particulièrement aux enfants : 11 diététiciens d’Interfel sont intervenus tout au long des mois de novembre et décembre dans plus de 50 écoles (maternelles et primaires) inscrites au programme « Un fruit pour la récré ».

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AREFLH's General Assembly

On May 26th, 2010 in Bologna
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Crisis management

• Proposition by the AREFLH's Board of Directors

Need a new regulation
Consult the pdf Press release of October 12th, 2009

Support of M. de Castro, President of the Parliament's Agriculture Commission
Consult the pdf Press release of October 21st, 2009

Crisis management
Consult the pdf Press release of February 25th, 2010

Trade and distribution

• Dominant position of the retail distribution

On December 15th, 2009
The AREFLH questions the Commission of the European Union on the dominant position situation of the retail distribution and the trade practices which are required from their suppliers.
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