Assembly of European Regions producing Fruit, Vegetable and Plants

Food education and raising awareness of the consumers play a role more and more important in the occidental society of the industrial nations where lifestyles are in full evolution. We can only regrettably notice the increase of the pathologies due to a bad alimentation, such as the cardiovascular diseases and those provoked by the development of the obesity as well at the young people as at the adults.

Consuming more often fruit and vegetables has become a public health issue to fight these pathologies but also to prevent others, such as cancer.

The missions of AREFLH's member organisations meet these essential points : working on the modification of the food habits, promoting the Mediterranean diet by important information campaigns but also by concrete actions onthe field.



We are currently working on a new review of the actions for the promotion of fruit and vegetables within Europe, and specially among AREFLH member regions in France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece.

The book will be published mid-2018.

The previous versions (2015, 2012 and 2007) are available below.

The regional experiences presented in AREFLH's document called Regio'Com, by their variety and their complementarity, represent a unique experience, which is rich in information and in perspectives of progress.

The consumers' expectations of natural, authentic products, which allies pleasure and greater well-being, are in the heart of the public health policy defended by the European Union.

By conjugating our experiences and our means, we have to join completely this evolution.


couverture regiocom 2015REGIO'COM 2015


Have a look at the 2015 verion of REGIO'COM in guide is only available inguide 2015   English





The Regio'Com guide gathers the main and most relevant actions of promotion of F&V in our 26 membre regions (in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece)


Browse the guide in its online version

Download and save the pdf version

Other languages (pdf): italianofrançaisespañol.



See the pdf-powerpoint presentation of the guide (english)





It is only available in French : 

pdf Le mot du président

pdf Les partenaires de Regiocom

pdf Les vertus des fruits et légumes

Les actions pilotes

pdf La Route de la Noix en Périgord 

pdf Les Jardins Pédagogiques à l'Ecole en Normandie 

pdf Bien manger en Normandie 

pdf La Ferme d'Aquitaine 

pdf La Pomme du Val de Loire

pdf SISQA 

pdf La Cuisine du Languedoc Roussillon à Fruitlogistica 

pdf Produire et manger Bio en PACA 

pdf Apadrina un Colegio en Andalucia 


pdf Génération Naturelle 

pdf Naranjas y Mandarinas, tus Mejores Amigos 

pdf Les Fermes Ouvertes en Emilie-Romagne

pdf Les Fermes Pédagogiques en Emilie-Romagne 

pdf Ortofrutta en Piemonte 


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