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AREFLH attends Console project’s kick-off meeting
in Sevilla

photo groupThe kick-off meeting of the CONSOLE project (CONtract SOLutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry, H2020) took place on the 23rd and 24th of May 2019 in Seville, Spain.  

The general objective of CONSOLE is to boost innovation in the lasting delivery of AECPGs by EU agriculture and forestry, by building a Community of Practice (CoP), by designing and testing effective and efficient cooperation models and by developing a contractual framework supporting implementation by multiple actors.
The CONSOLE consortium gathers over 24 institutions from 12 European countries covering a broad range of actors (farmers, organizations, researchers, public administration, consultant companies). The H2020 project will run for the next 3 years and is expected to deliver its results in early 2022.
The two-day meeting was the opportunity for the project partner to meet each other and discuss the overall project strategy. The project’s EU officer and a representative of DG AGRI’s Research and Innovation Unit were also in attendance and provided more details on the current EU policy on agri-environmental-climate public goods in European agriculture. Additionally, members of the consortium were able to fine tune the implementing strategy and find out more about the case studies already identified across several EU countries. Work package leaders and co-leaders also presented their planned activities and fine tune management approaches and duties.
As a consortium member, AREFLH will be tasked with communicating and disseminating information related to this project as well as organizing national and European events to promote its results.
For more information about the project, please visit the following website:




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